Ethics of Humble hive Homemade

At Humble hive Homemade, we make decisions based on whether the choice is healthy for our environment and healthy for our fellow-humans. We are Cruelty-Free which means we don't test on animals. Also, we don't cut corners in order to cut costs. The reason Lauren began making all of her own products is that she was frustrated that large companies refused to evolve past plastic packaging and known harmful ingredients to make choices that were better for our planet and for our children. 

Thus, plastic is no where in sight and only compostable and reusable containers are used when packaging our products. When your order is shipped to you, it is shipped in a box that was saved from a dumpster and is surrounded by shredded up bills, newspaper or packing bubbles that were saved from shipments received by Humble hive Homemade or another local business.

We pride ourselves on being a "zero-waste" store in this regard and hope you'll pay it forward by reusing or composting the containers and shipping materials from your purchase. Each time you purchase anything, you have the opportunity to cast a vote for a belief or value you hold dear. We thank you for standing behind Humble hive Homemade and our mission to tread more lightly on our planet for our children and future generations. In purchasing products through us, you are also casting a vote for a healthier future for you and are taking yet another step to rid your home and environment of potentially harmful chemicals.

Thank you again for allowing us to craft healthier options for you and your family.